ATA Products

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Australasian Tiling Adhesives

Basin’s (The Basin Co.)

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Check out our ever growing collection of Basin’s. Sample pieces of these can’t be provided.  We ship our Basin collection...

Hybrid Herringbone

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✅100%  Waterproof  Herrinbone Hybrid. ✅ 600*128mm *7mm ✅5mm Rigid Core with a 2mm IXPE Underlay. ✅7mm hybrid  ✅100% waterproof ✅D.I.Y Product...

Hybrid Tiles

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✅600x300mm  ✅7mm hybrid  ✅100% waterproof ✅D.I.Y Product ✅2mm underlay included 

Hybrid Timber Oak Range

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✅100% waterproof Hybrid. ✅1524mm x 228mm x 7mm. ✅5mm Rigid Core with a 2mm IXPE Underlay. ✅7mm hybrid  ✅100% waterproof...


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Building today with the future in mind Enthusiasm, team spirit and always looking to the future. These are the foundations...

OPAL OAK - Engineered Timber

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With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, we have more to offer than just our flooring. Our dedicated team...

Pool Mosaics / Glass Mosaics

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A glass mosaic is a type of mosaic made of small pieces of glass. The glass tesserae (tiles) can be...